Since 1980 Marumoto Sports Training has guided some of the top boys and girls basketball players in Southern California.

Here's what they're saying:

"Tom Marumoto is one the great scholars of the game of basketball. He thoroughly understands the mechanics of the game, and has mastered the art of teaching shooting and the fundamental skills. He was absolutely instrumental in my success at the high school and college level."

Andy Karich
University of Santa Clara

"Tom guidance has definitely had a positive impact on my life, both on and off the athletic environment. His basketball instruction help me to develop to my full athletic potential, while his guidance about commitment, importance of fundamental skills, and preparation provided me with a passion and discipline that has served me well beyond my playing days."
Mike Hess
"Tom is a fantastic teacher of shooting and fundamentals of the game of basketball. His emphasis on footwork, body balance, technique, and the finer points of the game truly brought my game to another level as a player and as a coach. Tom understands and teaches basketball as a science, sitting him in a class above."
Olivia Dicamilli, Head Coach/Women
Rhema College, Oklahoma
National Champions

"Tom is the best shooting and individual offensive skills coach I have ever met. He has a passion for the game and a gift of understanding and teaching the various skills step by step, and you will see the players improve immediately."

Mike Murphy, Head Coach/Boys
Sonora High School, California
"Due to time constrains, most high school and college coaches do not have the time to pay the attention to detail when it comes to the instruction of shooting and offensive individual skills. Tom Marumoto is an absolute master of breaking down individual skills development into the smallest of parts. Players at any level would benefit greatly from his personalized training."
Richard Bossenmeyer, Head Coach/Boys
Tustin High School, California
"Tom's enthusiasm for the game of basketball and the understanding of the mechanics and techniques of shooting has made him one of the best shooting instructors around. He started teaching me in the sixth grade and even during my college career, when my shot was out of sync, I would come back to him and he never failed to fix my shot."
Melanie Pearson
Woodbridge High School/MVP State Tournament
"I haven't met a coach like Tom Marumoto who breads down the fundamental skills basketball. His teaching is incredible! He is a firm believer in developing body mechanisms and technique. With his teaching he helps improve your mental capacity, fundamental skills, effective practicing, team play and becoming a leader on and off the court."
Deandre Austin
Fresno State
"Tom teaches every aspect of the game with much emphasis on fundamental skills, attitude, mental perspective, and preparation. Whenever something in my game was off, I could call him to help me and he would make the corrections immediately."
Bryn Britton
Loyola Marymount

"Tom Marumoto helped me develop into the point guard player that I'm today. I started my personalized training with him beginning in the 5th grade and continued throughout my college career. He taught me the importance of the basic fundamental skills and the proper execution of these skills into team play."

Natalie Nakase

"Tom's knowledge of the game, his focus on fundamental skills and his genuine concern of the success of his students definitely supports his reputation both as an outstanding individual and exceptional coach. His teaching afforded me the opportunity to play at the Division I Level. I will always be grateful to Tom for his inspiration and instruction."

Mollie Flint Rosing
St. Mary

"I was fortunate to have Tom coach me for a number of years. His technical knowledge of the fundamentals and passion for the game of basketball coupled with his ability to teach is unsurpassed. Tom definitely enabled me to maximize my potential as a basketball player and an athlete."

Markus Mullerstach

"No other person had a greater influence in my athletic career than Tom Marumoto. The greatest learned attribute in athletics is the mental game. Tom's coaching ability speaks for itself, but what he taught me was a love and desire to know and understand the game. His personal coaching elevated my athletic abilities to the highest level."

Danny O'Neil
University of Oregon
Mater Dei High School/MVP State Tournament

"Tom is a man of integrity. He is dependable, fair, patient, and a sound teacher who demands that his students work hard to achieve their goals. He is a gentle man who instills confidence and has the ability to inspire. Tom has a unique approach to teaching fundamental basketball skills has the ability to observe an individual and develop a plan to help them improve. Tom is much more that a basketball instructor. He uses basketball to teach people to achieve in life."

Garret Ohara, Head Coach/Boys
Flintridge High School
La Canada Flintridge, California

"Tom's years of teaching and studying the game speak for themselves, but it is the level of detail to which he breaks-down each act that sets him apart from the masses. His youth energy and positive instruction facilitates a healthy and productive learning environment. I can say without hesitation that he is one of the best shooting and offensive skills instructors in the country."

Brady Bergeson, Asst. Coach
Metro State College of Denver
NCAA D-II National Champions